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Preventative Maintenance is service performed on a piece of equipment in an effort to have the equipment perform at optimal performance during extreme weather conditions. It will save money, increase the life span of the equipment and hopefully prevent a breakdown of the equipment during the peak season.

How do you Prevent The Scheduling Overload in Peak Season?

The first step is to have everyone in your company completely understand the benefits of each service agreement your company offers. Have cue cards with the benefits next to each phone throughout the entire company or use the OnePlus Reminder messaging.
Second, keep your customer informed when the weather is not cooperating with normal PM scheduling so they will not be surprised when scheduling gets tight during peak season. A quick letter, post card or phone call explaining that the weather is preventing your company from performing their PM visits will help to calm nerves when the weather peaks. >>>Read More

 "Anyone will notice who uses the OnePlus service system, this is not a system designed by a regular software company, rather a software system designed by people within our industry"
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